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Elected Officials representing YOU in Henry County Il. 
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Henry County, Illinois  named for Patrick Henry [1736-1799], a Revolutionary War era lawyer, orator, and statesman who is perhaps best known for his proclamation, "Give me liberty or give me death." The Illinois county that bears his name was initially established on January 13, 1825 along with ten other area counties. Its original northern boundary extended all the way to the Wisconsin state line.  Just 16 miles Northwestern, the Mississippi River dividing Illinois and Iowa.  Henry County is primarily made up of rolling farmland, and is well known for hog, corn, soybean and cattle production.  The area is also dotted with wooded areas, rivers, lakes and streams.

The county is served by Interstate Highways 80 and 74, plus both freight and passenger rail lines. 


Additionally, Henry County is just 10 minutes from the Quad Cities International Airport.

Henry County features areas of great historical interest, including: Bishop Hill Colony,  Hennepin Canal, Great Sauk Trail and other areas reflecting the rich heritage of the region. Check out Visit Henry County, IL. 

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